Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Stranger on the Corner

I'm back in Madrid. Just walking around (paseando), when I spot this...

Quite a few people are stopping and looking up as it sparkles in the sunshine. I hear, '¡Qué chulo!' and even '¡Súper-chulo!' from the bystanders. (Pronounce that 'Sue-pair choo-low'.) It really rolls off the tongue and you hear it all the time when something looks great, like a snazzy-looking bike or a cute dog. '¡Qué chulo!'

Then I walk a bit closer... 

I've put this bit on video so you can maybe see how I felt when I began to realise what it was made of. Can you guess before you watch the video? If not, who's the first to spot it? Guess quickly, it's a short video. (Link to YouTube.)

Zoom in...

If you're ever lucky enough to visit Madrid (it's a great city), you'll find it in Calle del Leon on the corner with Calle del Prado

And don't forget to gasp, '!Qué chulo!' when you see it! You'll feel so Spanish!

N.B., A longer version of this post, but without the video, is available on my secondary 'puzzle' blog at You might find that more suitable for year 6. (Puzzle No.2)

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