Saturday, 8 June 2013

While waiting for the lights to change...

I saw this...

Good, eh? It's not often you sit at a traffic light (semáforo) and pray for them not to change. I was particularly impressed that his timing was so good. I don't mean the juggling, I mean that he knew when the semáforos were about to change and left himself enough time to pass his hat around the waiting drivers. He seemed to be enjoying himself too.

And yes, I did give him a couple of euros. Spain is suffering very high unemployment at the moment, and lots of people are looking for new ways to earn a bit of money. And anyone who can make waiting at a semáforo fun, deserves a bit of support.

Note: Do you know the English word 'semaphore'? It means to make messages (usually) using two flags. 

I guess traffic lights make messages using three lights. It should make semáforo an easy Spanish word to remember. If you're interested, put 'Semaphore' into Google images and you'll see many more ways of using semaphore.

Hasta la próxima.

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