Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fiesta Dos. Buckaroo...

Hola. ¿Qué pasa? 

I hear that phrase a lot here. It means, ‘What’s happening?’ or ‘What’s going on?’
The usual reply is, ‘Nada.’ Nothing.
Try it with your friends in the playground each morning.
‘¿Qué pasa?’
Hours of fun. Well, seconds. But you’ll sound so Spanish!

Now, I’ve got something a bit special today. I was out during the summer and something was going on...

Any idea what it’s for? Well, do you know the toy ‘Buckaroo’? You have to place things onto a horse until it ‘bucks’ them off. This works a little bit like that. Watch the video.
These toros are a common sight when local ferias (fairs) come to town, especially in this area (the Valencian community) where bulls play a large part in the culture. 

So, the next time you go on holiday to Spain, check out on the internet or in the local oficina de turismo to see if there is a feria coming to a nearby town. 

But if there is, remember to hold on tight!

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