Friday, 1 November 2013

Easy as ABC...

¡Hola todos! (Hello everyone.)

Do you know your ABC? Of course you do! But do you know your ABECEDARIO? Your Spanish ABC.

It's often surprisingly useful to know your ABC in Spanish. I remember once phoning a Spanish hotel and asking them for directions. They said the name of the street, but I couldn't make sense of the word. It sounded like 'noo-way-bay-day-ok-too-bray' which is what I wrote down, ready to show to a taxi-driver. 

But I wasn't sure I'd got it right, so I asked the receptionist to spell it. Luckily I knew my ABECEDARIO as my hotel turned out to be in Plaza Nueve de Octubre. Which is Ninth of October Square. (The 9th of October is a big fiesta day in Valencia, commemorating the day in 1238 when Valencia was won back from Arab invaders.)

So, here's a neat little song from the 'Tio Spanish' (Uncle Spanish) team, which will help you learn your ABECEDARIO, all 27 letters of it.

Now, does anyone know why there are 27?


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