Friday, 22 November 2013


We British are known for our love of animales. But I have to tell you that the Spanish are just as fond of their furry (as well as feathery and scaley) amigos.
So it came as no surprise to me to ver this in Valencia...

If your ojos are really sharp you might just be able to spot (and read) a very big clue as to what this is...
If you need a little help, here's a better view:

Sí señor (that's how Spaniards say, 'Yes, sir!' when they want to emphasise something), it's a dog toilet! Isn't that something you don't see in the middle of Oxford Street! Although I've been out of the UK for nearly ocho años, so, who knows?
Anyway, I think it's a nice thought. A bit of privacy for Rover or Spike or whoever. Actually, Spanish dogs can have some quite strange nombres. A vecino (neighbour) had one called Rocky. Yes, a Spanish perro called 'Rocky'. And no, it wasn't a huge great beast; many Spaniards live in flats so the majority of perros I see (including this one) are muy pequeño.
Another one I know se llama Luna, which means 'moon', even thought it isn't round or white. It's actually a skinny little brown thing. Luna? Doesn't seem right.

And did you know, perros españoles don't go, 'Woof, woof!' like British ones do? Well, so the children in my class insist. They tell me perros en España go 'Wow, wow!'
My guess is they only say that when they see their very own dog toilet. 
In fact, I think I said it myself when I spotted it. 


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