Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Sticky Situation (What's Your Favourite Toy? 4)

I'm going to look at a very useful word today. Pegar.

It's a verb meaning to stick or to glue. (It does have other meanings.)

Change it a little bit and you get pegamento. Which means glue. 

Can you work out what 'blanco escolar' means?

Pegamento en barra is a glue stick.

And you can also get a pega pen.

And finally (this is what I've been leading up to, the 'favourite toy' bit)... una pegatina?

Which is a 'sticker'. And here's Bob Esponja (va al m├ędico). And I'll bet your Spanish is good enough to translate that. (Look at the picture, carefully!)

Finally, while I was searching the internet looking for Spanish gluey things, I came across this.

Haven't a glue! (Uh, I mean 'clue'.)

By the way, I hope all this new vocabulary sticks...

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