Friday, 26 September 2014

Fiesta cuatro: RUN!

I imagine you might have heard about 'bull-running'. You might even know that Pamploma has a famous 'bull-running' fiesta every year.

But this picture wasn't taken in Pamploma.

And this bull isn't exactly 'normal'... 

 Yes, it's got wheels!

During the late summer, in many towns along the Valencian coastline, there are 'bull-running' fiestas. That's real bulls and real people. Yes it's dangerous, people are sometimes badly injured, even killed.

But these children aren't in any danger. There's a lot of screaming, yes.

And of course, a lot of running.

Well, there's also a bit of toddling...

...and sometimes, a bit of limping... 

Here's looking at you, baby!  

Here's looking at baby bull...

Sometimes, your friends don't look themselves.

It's probably time to take a taxi home.

Let's hope you make it safely...

Of course, not everyone likes being chased by bulls. Even bulls on wheels...

Even bulls with water-pistols...

But everyone loves to see an expert at work. And you can always spot one. 
He's got the look. 
He's got the cape. 
He's got the cool hairdo...


If you'd like to see some bull-running pictures from previous years check these posts out.

And have an exciting weekend!

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