Friday, 7 November 2014

Up and down, up and down, 'til they're clean and sparkly.

Are you old enough to remember the old 'brush your teeth correctly' health education campaign; 'up and down, up and down, 'til they're clean and sparkly?' Hmmm, probably not. And surprisingly, it seems to be the only video in the universe which isn't available on Youtube. (Lucky you!)

Anyway, the Spanish also love a good health education video, so here's their own 'brush you teeth' offering, with a catchy little song for you to sing along to.

(N.B., the karaoke lyrics at the bottom are quite difficult to read so I've transcribed them for you below and added a translation.)


Siempre después de desayunar,
Los dientes hay que lavar.
Despues de comer,
Despues de cenar,
Pasta, cepillo.
¡Y porte a limpiar!
Subir, Subir,
Bajar, Bajar,
Tu boca sana y briliant está.
Recuerda que tus hijos pueden disfrutar
de una revisión anual gratuita en el dentista.

Always after having breakfast,
You have to wash your teeth.
After eating,
After having dinner,
Paste, brush.
Get cleaning!
Up, up,
Down, down, 
Your mouth is healthy and shining.
Remember that your children can enjoy(!)
a free annual check-up at the dentist.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Truco o trato!

Truco o trato! Any guesses? A clue? I heard it a lot last night, 31 de octubre...

Here's something you might have been given (as a trato) if you were out last night:

I imagine the picture has given the game away by now. Yes, we're talking Hallowe'en en España. Can you guess what Pintalenguas means? You'll need to look up pintar (un verbo) and lengua (un sustantivo) in your Spanish/English diccionarios...

La respuesta below, so no peeking...

So, now you know that pintar means 'to paint'; you might already have known that lengua is tongue'. So, pintalenguas are 'toungue-painting' sweets. You suck them and your tongue turns rojo o negro o naranja, depending on which color you chose.

I hope you had a great Hallowe'en!