Saturday, 1 November 2014

Truco o trato!

Truco o trato! Any guesses? A clue? I heard it a lot last night, 31 de octubre...

Here's something you might have been given (as a trato) if you were out last night:

I imagine the picture has given the game away by now. Yes, we're talking Hallowe'en en EspaƱa. Can you guess what Pintalenguas means? You'll need to look up pintar (un verbo) and lengua (un sustantivo) in your Spanish/English diccionarios...

La respuesta below, so no peeking...

So, now you know that pintar means 'to paint'; you might already have known that lengua is tongue'. So, pintalenguas are 'toungue-painting' sweets. You suck them and your tongue turns rojo o negro o naranja, depending on which color you chose.

I hope you had a great Hallowe'en!


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