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Do you teach MFL Spanish to primary children?

Welcome to my Spain4Primary blog.

This blog isn't going to teach Spanish for you. What it will do is provide you and your class with glimpses of Spanish life, chosen to stimulate discussion, excite interest and generally show Spain and the Spanish to be a place and a people worth exploring. Its aim is to stimulate, motivate and catch the curiosity of the children in your class, so that (hopefully) they will be more interested in learning the language.

My name is Jeremy Dean and I was a primary teacher in the UK for 25 years before I moved to Spain. I taught Spanish to my classes and know how interesting tales and facts about Spain can enthuse primary children. Now that I live in Spain, I can indulge my passions for photography, video and Spain itself to provide you with some quirky, funny and hopefully appealing images and stories. I'll post on the first weekend of every month (at least), so that you have a growing 'stock' of Spain4Primary resources.

Please feel free to get in touch, suggest topics and comment. You can reach me at jeremyinspain@yahoo.es. I will include some resources from my 'Photo Puzzles for Teachers of Spanish' blog (link Photo Puzzles for Teachers of Spanish) if I feel they will transfer well to primary, and will always let you know whenever I have done this. This site has developed into more of a secondary resource, but if you are teaching year 6 you might find at least some of the resources accessible for older children.

Finally, a bit about what I'm doing here. I teach in an 'immersion' school. Imagine your class doing all their lessons in Spanish! That's what I do here, but in reverse. I teach Spanish primary children (6- and 7-year-olds) in English.

If you think this is crazy, then read my eBook and you'll find out that you are right! But as well as being crazy, it's also the most amazing thing I've tried in (now) 30 years of teaching. It also works! The book started out as a number of articles I wrote for the TES. As life here went on and showed no signs of turning sensible, I continued writing and this is the result.

Click on the book cover to download a free sample chapter. ¡Disfruta!

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