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Zen Kyu, Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure (Monday Books) is the story of my first year teaching Spanish junior children in English (whilst trying to learn Spanish myself).

What they're saying about ZKM:

“...well-written, and full of hilarious misunderstandings.” “...very different from other ‘ex-pat’ type books.” Essex University, Rabbit newspaper.
“...shines an intriguing light on the anomalies and quirks of our own language.” Exeter University, Exepose newspaper.
...a wonderful book full of audacious humour” Liverpool University, Student Media.
“The detailed way Dean has described the atmosphere of this little city in Spain is magnificent.” Salford University, The Salfordian.
This hugely entertaining compilation of stories and experiences is a must-read for anyone interested in traveling the world and experiencing other cultures.” “...positive and inspiring.” University of East Anglia, Concrete Magazine.
I laughed uncontrollably from the moment I picked up “Zen Kyu Maestro” until I turned the last page. ” “...vivid details make you feel like you’re right there with him in the thick of these international mix-ups.” “Funny and inspiring... truly a magnificent and touching story.” www.readingforpleasure.net

If you're interested in languages, Spain, expat life, teaching and learning... then click on the cover picture and downlaod a FREE sample chapter from Amazon. Or download the complete eBook for only 2.99!

Featured in the Times Educational Supplement, Teach Primary Magazine, the Guardian Teacher Network

Get Zen Kyu, Maestro before it gets you.

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