Saturday, 27 April 2013

What's Your Favourite Toy?

Let me guess... Well, better not. I've been living outside the UK for nearly seven years and I'm a bit old to be playing with toys. Instead, let me show you something that is all the rage out here, especially, but not only, with the boys.

That's right. Bulls. (Or, toros, as they say around here.) You probably know that bull fighting and bull running are famous in Spain, but you might not know that they are also controversial. Recently, the parliament in Cataluña (capital, Barcelona) banned bull-fighting. 

It's not an activity that I like, but I'm interested in why it's still popular. Are these toys part of the reason? What do you think?

There's even a lorry to move the toros around the place...

So, guess what Santa (or, Papa Noel as he's usually called around here) has stuffed in his sack around Navidad in Spain...

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