Monday, 27 January 2014

¡Hola chicas!

Last week we looked at popular boys' names and translated them into their Spanish equivalents. This week, it's the girls' turn.
Let's start again with the most popular 20 girls' names for 2013: 

1. Olivia        Olivia is also used in Spain
2. Emily         Emilia
3. Sophia      Sofia (remember the stress, So-fee-ya)
4. Lily           Liliana
5. Isabella     Isabella also used en español
6. Isabelle     Isabel
7. Amelia      Amalia
8. Isla           No translation found
 9. Sophie     Sofia
10.Ava          NTF
11.Chloe       Cloe (No 'ee' sound at the end, Clo-eh)
12.Poppy      NTF
13.Jessica    Yessica
14.Mia         Marita
15.Ella         NTF
16.Grace     Gracia (Usually lisped, Gra-thee-ya)
17.Evie        Eva (Not pronounced Ee-va; but Eh-va. Rhymes with 'never' if you drop the 'r')
18.Lucy       Lucía Again, lisped, Loo-thee-ya
19.Alice      Alicia
20.Layla      NTF

There are a lot of names there without a translation, so here are a few more from the top 30 to keep you going:

24. Charlotte  Carlota
29. Emma       Ema
31. Hannah     Ana
34. Phoebe     Febe No 'Fee' sound, Feh-beh
36. Ellie         Elisa/Isa (Ee-sa)
39. Matilda     Matilde

If you want to find a name that I haven't listed, or to find out where you are in the top 100 names for 2013, then go to: Top 100 baby names chosen in 2013

If you want to check if your own name has a Spanish variation, I've been using this website: Name translator Just pop your name into the search box at the top and you'll find variations for many languages.

As I said last week, why not use your 'Spanish' names in your Spanish lessons, so you'll have them on the tips of your tongues the next time you arrive in España ready to make some new amig@s! That's the funky way young Spaniards avoid having to write 'amigos and amigas'. Cool, eh?

Hasta pronto, 

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