Thursday, 23 May 2013


Watch the video (below) before reading on...

How would you like one of those coming down your street? Tracas are very popular in this part of Spain, near Valencia. Smaller tracas, 10 to 50m long are laid out on the ground to celebrate weddings, communions, birthdays, just about anything. Giant tracas (this one was about 500m long) suspended in the air, are used for big town celebrations.

Can you see a few people 'racing' the traca? One is carrying a torch in case the traca goes out along the way.

This one was in Vila-Real to celebrate the end of their San Pascual fiesta. San (Saint) Pascual is the town's saint, so they have a week of parties, dancing, bull-running and fireworks.

If you're ever in Spain, especially in the Valencian area, check out on the internet whether one of the towns is having a fiesta. Spanish people are very proud of their traditions and very welcoming to visitors. They'll be particularly impressed if you can speak even a little bit of their language.

Grab the programme from the oficina de turismo, or check it out on the internet, and look out for a TRACA! They often have one on the last day to celebrate the end of the fiesta. 

As we'd say, 'Go out with a bang!'

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