Saturday, 18 May 2013

What's Your Favourite Toy? 2

Is it a Pompa Pirula

Thought not. Although you might be surprised...

This craze hit our school last lunes. By miércoles there were a couple of dozen twirling in the playground. This semana, the footballers are complaining that they're being distracted by all the reflected, flashing sunlight. 

'What is it?' I asked my class.

'Ees Pom-pa Pee-roo-la,' they chorus back.

I google it and find this... 

Pompa Pirula

'You no have eet een Eengland?' they continue, with undisguised shock. By now you might know that you do have it 'een Eengland'. I know this because having inspected the packaging, I discover the words 'Hippie Stick'. Google gives me this...

Hippie Sticks

My class are entranced by 'Hippie Sticks', and decide that as they're learning in English, they're not going to call them Pompa Pirulas any more. They're going to call them Hippie Sticks from now on. 
So, if you're learning Spanish, and you have Hippie Sticks, why don't you do the opposite, and rename them Pompa Pirulas

You have to admit, it's got a certain ring to it! But what does it mean? Well, 'pompa' is a bubble, and 'pirula' means a trick. So it means something like 'bubble tricks'.

Have fun!

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